Recreational vehicles (RVs) have become increasingly popular for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and vacationers. These versatile vehicles offer a home away from home, providing a comfortable and convenient way to explore the world. Sunshades and doors designed specifically for RVs have emerged as essential accessories, enhancing the RV lifestyle by improving comfort, safety, and overall experience. This information brief provides an overview of the benefits, types, and applications of sunshades and doors for RVs.

Benefits of Sunshades and Screen-Doors for RVs:

  1. Sun Protection and Comfort: Sunshades provide RV occupants with protection from direct sunlight, reducing heat and glare inside the vehicle. This leads to a more comfortable and enjoyable living space, especially in warm and sunny conditions.

  2. Privacy: Sunshades offer increased privacy by blocking the view from outside. This is particularly valuable when camping in crowded campgrounds or urban areas.

  3. Mosquito Screen Protection: Enjoying the fresh outdoor air in one’s vehicle at a stop or a campsite might involve unwanted guests. AMS screen doors let the air in but keep the bugs out.

  4. Side and/or Rear Canvas Doors: Canvas doors offer more flexibility compared to metal doors and this is where AMS’ flexibility in custom fit canvas doors is popular with many OEM’s. The Canvas door is water repellant, FMVSS 302 compliant and may include magnetic opening mechanisms and mosquito screen air inlets.

  5. ThermalBlocks: These removable fabric-based window coverings are particularly beneficial with internally integrated thermal protection – both in summer as well as in the winter – when coaches are parked for periods of time. In the summer, ThermalBlocks reflect the sunbeams thereby keeping the interior cool reducing the air-conditioning costs whereas in the winter the ThermalBlocks high heat-retention properties keep the heat in the vehicle reducing heating costs.

  6. Energy Efficiency: Sunshades and ThermalBlocks reduce the need for excessive air conditioning, leading to energy savings and improved sustainability in RV operations.

Types of AMS Sunshades for RVs:

  1. Roller Sunshades: The main purpose of minimalist or sleek single or double roller sunshades is light protection. Their versatility, ease of use, and energy-saving properties make them a versatile and attractive option for controlling light, add privacy and enhancing comfort in various spaces

  2. Windshield Shades: These shades, also known as sunshades or sun blockers, are protective coverings that are placed on your vehicle's windshield to block out sunlight. Windshield shades are a simple yet effective accessory that offers numerous benefits, from protecting your vehicle's interior and enhancing comfort to providing UV protection and improving safety while driving. They are a practical addition for anyone looking to keep their vehicle cooler and more comfortable during sunny weather.

  3. Cellular or Honeycomb-type Sunshades: Very popular manual or motorized shades that combine several benefits in one material. They are inherently lightweight, strong, rigid, offer superb thermal properties due to their air-filled cell structure, energy efficiency, impact resistance, sound absorption, choice in colour and cell size, durability, sustainability, aesthetics and versatility.

  4. Pleated Sunshades: Both single and twin pleated shades offer the benefits of energy efficiency, light control, UV protection, and aesthetics. Twin Pleated Day/Night shades (TPS) are available in two frame sizes and with different pleated and screen materials. The shades can be used as Day shades with mosquito screen material, as Night shade with blackout material or left completely open. 

  5. Specialty or Custom Shades These sunshades are designed to improve the visual appearance of your motorhome with the use of unique and expensive materials such as leather, wood or specialty fabrics. Custom shades are tailored to fit specific dimensions or end use materials, these sunshades provide completive coverage, maximum protection and user privacy.

Type of AMS Doors for RVs:

  1. Screen Doors: These lightweight and breathable doors allow for fresh air while keeping bugs out. They are ideal for well-ventilated camping locations.

  2. Canvas Doors: These doors are more secure and provide a solid barrier. They often come with locks, windows, and insulation for temperature control.

  3. Toyhauler Shades/Doors: Folding doors can be used as room dividers inside the RV, offering versatility and privacy.

Applications of Sunshades and Doors for RVs:

  1. Camping and Outdoor Adventures: Sunshades and screen doors are essential for RVers who enjoy outdoor activities, providing comfort, shade, and insect protection.

  2. Extended Travel: For long road trips or full-time RV living, sunshades and solid entry doors offer greater security and improved living conditions.

  3. RV Parks and Campgrounds: Sunshades and doors are valuable for enhancing privacy and comfort in crowded or communal camping areas.

  4. Seasonal Travel: RVers exploring regions with extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, benefit from the temperature control and insulation provided by quality doors and sunshades.

Sunshades and doors designed for RVs have become indispensable for enhancing the RV lifestyle. They offer a range of benefits, including sun protection, privacy, security, and energy efficiency. The various types of sunshades and doors available cater to different preferences and needs, making them adaptable to various RV lifestyles. By incorporating these accessories into their RVs, travelers can significantly improve their overall experience, ensuring comfort, safety, and sustainability while exploring the world from the comfort of their home on wheels.

AMS Shades, Doors, and Skylights stand as a benchmark for affordable innovation and design, providing unparalleled choices in the market. Committed to excellence, AMS delivers a diverse array of shading solutions, doors, and skylights that seamlessly fuse functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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Nick came by & I helped him with the install of a new motor on our solar shade in the front window. Nick was patient and knew exactly what to do. I was excited to get this repair done at the rally. Please let Nick and the company know how much I appreciate great customer service.

Douglas & Rita Karydas

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