Ideal for high front windshields, replacing conventional flip-visor in agricultural vehicle cabs; also used as effective solar protection for side and rear windows or for any cab windows of significant size. Recommended for recessed applications.

Motorized roll-type screen sun visor shade with stabilizing cantilever arms for vertical or angled applications. Roller is fitted inside a medium-size, aluminum mounting rail for easy recessed fitting. Operated by dash board switch.


  • Powder-coated black aluminum mounting rail, dimmension 57mm (2 1/4") wide x
    28mm (1 1/8") high.
  • Black powder-coated solid steel side-mounting brackets.
  • Extruded aluminum (fabric) roll-up head rail tube, made of 6063-T5 alloy.
  • Electric 25mm (1") tubular motor with mechanical adjustable end limits and integrated motor cables with Molex connectors. Available in 24 Volt (10 Watts/0.9 Amps/1 Nm/30 RPM) or optional 12 Volt (10 Watts/0.9 Amps/1 Nm/30 RPM).
  • Black powder-coated aluminum weight bar.
  • Unobtrusive black powder-coated steel cantilever stabilizer arms with long-lasting stainless steel joint springs.
  • Woven polyester sun-blocking screen fabric that leaves some visibilty for safety reasons. Available with optional black vinyl no-see-through vinyl strip. Meets FMVSS-302 flammabillity standards.


Agricultural Vehicles

Farmers rely on essential sun protection that enables them to operate tractors and farm equipment safely and cost-effectively. In this sector, AMS provides the following sunshades:

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Municipalities, bus, and tour operators opt for AMS shades in pursuit of comfort, practicality, sun protection, and glare prevention.

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I received the instructions and was able to reprogram to get the shades in sync.

Thank you very much.....I have never had such an immediate and complete response like this! You are to be commended for such quality service.
I appreciate it very much.

Tom & Mary Ann Reed

It’s been a long time since I got service like what three people who work with you gave me. They are Ewa Zajch, Nick Zolfaghari and a past worker Alex. They cared and listened and helped me, these people are hard to come by. I am very pleased.

Ken Van Winkle

Just a quick note to say “thanks” for meeting with my wife and I at the Tampa RV Supershow and for bringing the parts we discussed. We are most pleased that you stand by your product. While keeping the actual transaction to ourselves, we will share our enjoyment and satisfaction with AutoMotion with those we encounter during our travels.

Nick was most informative during his visit. More significantly, we look forward to the expansion of your consumer side website and hope you choose to fill it with lots of detailed information as well as videos showing how to best use and care for one's Automotion remote control shades.

Joe Harris Jr.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If your product is still under warranty, contact the service department of your vehicle’s manufacturer. If your product is no longer under warranty, contact your nearest authorized AMS renovation dealer, whom you find on our website under “Where to buy” and look up under your industry section.
The cost of returning shades for repair where there is labour and parts involved would often be more expensive than ordering a new shade, which will be covered under a new warranty.
One year from the date of purchase (in-service date).
Trying to change shades yourself is not recommended and should be done by an authorized service dealer as you may otherwise forfeit the warranty on the product. However, after the warranty has expired and you feel expert enough in this field, then you could contact AMS through our website and request an installation manual as well as a motor user guide, if applicable, on how to set limit stops. Important: windshield shades should always be installed by a trained technician to avoid any safety issues.