Guided & Constant Tension Shades

Single Roller Shades

Ideal for windows that require a sun control shade with limited shade positioning.

Sunshade fitted to solid mounting rail for recessed or exposed ceiling or wall installation. Pull bar handle allows easy hook-in of constant tension shade into bottom hold-down brackets; additional intermediary hold-down brackets are optional.


  • Aluminum mounting rail, dimmension 40.5mm (1 5/8") wide x 8.4mm (5/16") high in standard mill finish or optional black powder-coated.
  • Steel snap-in fastening brackets placed 20-30" o.c.
  • Extruded aluminum (fabric) roll-up head rail tube, made of 6063-T5 alloy.
  • Black powder-coated aluminum pull bar with black nylon handle.
  • Internal constant tension steel spring.
  • Woven polyester sun-blocking screen fabric that leaves some visibilty for safety reasons. Meets FMVSS-302 flammabillity standards.


Agricultural Vehicles

Farmers rely on essential sun protection that enables them to operate tractors and farm equipment safely and cost-effectively. In this sector, AMS provides the following sunshades:

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Municipalities, bus, and tour operators opt for AMS shades in pursuit of comfort, practicality, sun protection, and glare prevention.

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Nick came by & I helped him with the install of a new motor on our solar shade in the front window. Nick was patient and knew exactly what to do. I was excited to get this repair done at the rally. Please let Nick and the company know how much I appreciate great customer service.

Douglas & Rita Karydas

I received the instructions and was able to reprogram to get the shades in sync.

Thank you very much.....I have never had such an immediate and complete response like this! You are to be commended for such quality service.
I appreciate it very much.

Tom & Mary Ann Reed

It’s been a long time since I got service like what three people who work with you gave me. They are Ewa Zajch, Nick Zolfaghari and a past worker Alex. They cared and listened and helped me, these people are hard to come by. I am very pleased.

Ken Van Winkle

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can contact us by phone at 905-470-6198, by email at, or by using the “Contact Us” page on our website.

We are a Canadian company located in Markham, Ontario (just outside Toronto).

  • RVs: Dealers and owners can purchase replacement shades directly from their respective vehicle manufacturer; owners who plan to renovate and/or update some interior aspects of their RVs, including shades, may want to contact one of AMS’ authorized service and renovation dealers, listed under “Where to Buy”.
  • Coaches/Buses/Transit Vehicles: From one of AMS’ authorized OEM Service Centres, listed under “Where to Buy”.
  • Con/Ag and Trucks: From any of your authorized Equipment Dealers.