Construction vehicles play a vital role in building our infrastructure, but the operators of these heavy machines often face challenges associated with sun exposure and harsh weather conditions. Sunshades designed specifically for construction vehicles offer an effective solution, enhancing operator comfort, safety, and overall productivity. This information brief provides an overview of the benefits, types, and applications of sunshades for construction vehicles.


Benefits of Sunshades for Construction Vehicles

  1. Operator Comfort: Sunshades provide operators with a more comfortable and sheltered workspace by reducing the impact of direct sunlight, heat, and glare. This significantly improves working conditions, especially during long shifts.

  2. Operator Safety and Focus: Sunshades help operators maintain focus on their tasks by reducing glare and eye strain, which is crucial for the safe and precise operation of heavy construction equipment.

  3. Equipment Protection: Sunshades shield the construction vehicle's interior and exposed components from the detrimental effects of UV radiation, reducing the risk of damage, maintenance costs, and downtime.

  4. Energy Efficiency: By decreasing the reliance on air conditioning systems, sunshades contribute to energy savings, reduce fuel consumption, and make construction vehicle operations more environmentally friendly.

Types of AMS Sunshades for Construction Vehicles

  1. Windshield and Side Window Screens: These screens are designed to block direct sunlight from the windshield and side windows, helping to improve visibility and reduce heat inside the cabin.

  2. Attachment Accessories: Some construction vehicles can be equipped with attachment points to add sunshades when needed, providing flexibility and adaptability to varying work conditions.

Applications of Sunshades for Construction Vehicles

  1. Earthmoving and Excavation: Bulldozers, excavators, and loaders benefit from sunshades to ensure operators can work comfortably and safely during extended hours of operation.

  2. Cranes and Aerial Work Platforms: Operators working at elevated heights require sunshades for protection from direct sunlight, which can affect visibility and focus.

  3. Road Construction and Paving: Construction vehicles used for road building, paving, and maintenance rely on sunshades to maintain comfortable working conditions for their operators.

  4. Mining and Quarry Operations: In rugged environments like mines and quarries, sunshades are essential to protect operators and heavy equipment from intense sunlight and heat.

Sunshades for construction vehicles are a valuable addition to the construction industry, offering a multitude of benefits, including improved operator comfort, enhanced safety, and energy efficiency. The various types of sunshades available cater to different construction vehicle types and job conditions, making them a versatile solution for enhancing the quality of construction projects. By incorporating sunshades into their equipment, construction companies can significantly improve their operational efficiency and ensure a more comfortable and safe working environment for operators.

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Nick came by & I helped him with the install of a new motor on our solar shade in the front window. Nick was patient and knew exactly what to do. I was excited to get this repair done at the rally. Please let Nick and the company know how much I appreciate great customer service.

Douglas & Rita Karydas

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Here you will find information about aftermarket service for our shades and answers to questions you may have.

  • RVs: Dealers and owners can purchase replacement shades directly from their respective vehicle manufacturer; owners who plan to renovate and/or update some interior aspects of their RVs, including shades, may want to contact one of AMS’ authorized service and renovation dealers, listed under “Where to Buy”.
  • Coaches/Buses/Transit Vehicles: From one of AMS’ authorized OEM Service Centres, listed under “Where to Buy”.
  • Con/Ag and Trucks: From any of your authorized Equipment Dealers.
You will find them on our website under “Where To Buy”.
Trying to change shades yourself is not recommended and should be done by an authorized service dealer as you may otherwise forfeit the warranty on the product. However, after the warranty has expired and you feel expert enough in this field, then you could contact AMS through our website and request an installation manual as well as a motor user guide, if applicable, on how to set limit stops. Important: windshield shades should always be installed by a trained technician to avoid any safety issues.
Go to AMS website under “Contact Us” and request a motor user guide showing how to set limits.