Agriculture is a vital industry that plays a significant role in feeding the world's growing population. However, it's not just the agricultural sector that faces challenges from environmental factors like extreme weather conditions, increasing temperatures, and excessive sunlight. Operators of various machinery, including coaches, also encounter these issues. To address these challenges, sunshades have emerged as a valuable solution, providing essential shade and protection for operators.

Benefits of Sunshades in Vehicles:

  1. Legislative Compliance: In many regions, legislative regulations require the use of sun visors or sunshades when operating machinery on public roads. These regulations are in place to ensure glare protection and, most importantly, to prevent accidents that could result in damage to property or harm to individuals.

  2. Temperature Regulation: Sunshades play a pivotal role in temperature regulation within the vehicle's cab. By reducing excessive heat build-up, they create a more comfortable working environment for operators, ensuring their well-being and productivity.

  3. UV Protection: Sunshades provide effective protection against harmful UV radiation. This is essential not only for the comfort of the operators but also for safeguarding their skin from the detrimental effects of prolonged sun exposure.

Types of AMS Sunshades for Agricultural Vehicles:

  1. Flexi-visor Shades: Flexi-visor shades serve a dual purpose, acting as both sunshades and visors. They are equipped with stabilizing arms and can be customized with or without electric motors for convenient operation.

  2. Constant Tension Sunshades: These shades are manually operated and remain under spring tension. To ensure their effectiveness, they need to be securely positioned in place, providing consistent shade and glare protection.

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Nick came by & I helped him with the install of a new motor on our solar shade in the front window. Nick was patient and knew exactly what to do. I was excited to get this repair done at the rally. Please let Nick and the company know how much I appreciate great customer service.

Douglas & Rita Karydas

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Here you will find information about aftermarket service for our shades and answers to questions you may have.

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If your product is still under warranty, contact the service department of your vehicle’s manufacturer. If your product is no longer under warranty, contact your nearest authorized AMS renovation dealer, whom you find on our website under “Where to buy” and look up under your industry section.
You may request technical manuals through AMS – please see under “Can I replace my own shade?”
Yes. You may contact the AMS customer service department either by phone or by email via our website.