Servicing of AMS Shades

Should you encounter a technical problem with any of your AMS shades, please contact your regular service dealer or your OEM Service Centre who will be able to provide a remedy or replace your shade(s) if needed. These service centers are fully supported by Auto-Motion Shade and will be able to contact AMS Customer Service and/or our Technical Service department whenever needed.
AMS will always be happy to help you in finding a suitable solution for your shade issue and will be at your side along the way!
If you are the owner of a recreational vehicle that has AMS shades installed and any of these shades, whether still under warranty or out of warranty, are no longer functioning properly and may need repair or replacement, please contact your local RV dealer who services your brand of vehicle. Your dealer will be able to determine the extent of the repair and, if required, order the necessary part(s) from your OEM. If your dealer is not familiar with AMS shades, please suggest to them to visit AMS’ website for any technical questions or technical support (especially relating to electrical shades). There they will find all the necessary technical manuals to help them with the repair of your shade(s).