What do our Customer say about AMS?

At AMS we are focused on customer satisfaction. We encourage you to read just a few of the below testimonials that confirm our commitment to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Nick came by & I helped him with the install of a new motor on our solar shade in the front window. Nick was patient and knew exactly what to do. I was excited to get this repair done at the rally. Please let Nick and the company know how much I appreciate great customer service.

Douglas & Rita Karydas

I received the instructions and was able to reprogram to get the shades in sync.

Thank you very much.....I have never had such an immediate and complete response like this! You are to be commended for such quality service.
I appreciate it very much.

Tom & Mary Ann Reed

It’s been a long time since I got service like what three people who work with you gave me. They are Ewa Zajch, Nick Zolfaghari and a past worker Alex. They cared and listened and helped me, these people are hard to come by. I am very pleased.

Ken Van Winkle

I want to thank AMS for the OUTSTANDING customer service you recently provided to me. I attempted to install a window blind motor and ran into problems and called for help. Fortunately for me I spoke with Ewa Zajch who determined I was missing a needed module. She emailed me a description of the module, part numbers and copies of instructions to install it. After obtaining the module, I was unable to figure out how to set the limits of the window blind movement. Once again good fortune shined on me when I contacted Cindy Jardine. Cindy followed up Ewa’s effort by sending me additional printed instructions, your web site with all your publications, and her personal instructions on how to fix my problem.

In my last email to Cindy, I told her I still couldn’t set the blind movement limits. To my surprise a Technician (I don’t recall his name, but there must be a record of his call) called me and personally walked me through the procedures.

Throughout all of this I was and am still now overwhelmed with the personal attention I was given and the professionalism and sympathetic attitudes of these fine people. You must be very proud of them because I’m guessing I am not the first person who has complemented them.

I am very grateful for the assistance each provided me. I hope there is some way that you can reward these fine people for their outstanding work.

Dennis Campbell

Just a quick note to say “thanks” for meeting with my wife and I at the Tampa RV Supershow and for bringing the parts we discussed. We are most pleased that you stand by your product. While keeping the actual transaction to ourselves, we will share our enjoyment and satisfaction with AutoMotion with those we encounter during our travels.

Nick was most informative during his visit. More significantly, we look forward to the expansion of your consumer side website and hope you choose to fill it with lots of detailed information as well as videos showing how to best use and care for one's Automotion remote control shades.

Joe Harris Jr.