Auto-Motion Shade Inc. (AMS) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of manual and motorized roll-up sun visors, sun protection shades and screen door solutions. For over 25 years, AMS has been providing solar solutions for various industries, such as RVs, Trucks, Coaches, Transit Vehicles, Rail Cars, Locomotives, Agricultural and Construction Equipment.

Our Mission: Create a beautiful on-road experience.

Our Vision: Be the epitome of customer-centricity, offering innovative, and customized products, and
transforming every drive into an enjoyable, secure, and sustainable journey."

Our Values: Accountability, Honesty and transparency.

AMS partners with OEMs and specialty dealers/distributors worldwide, offering high-quality products, customer-focused service, and unparalleled after-market support. AMS has a strong R & D team that can design and develop customized systems for the most demanding applications. AMS is certified under ISO 9001-2015 and can also comply with TS 16949 requirements. The company is always innovating and improving its products to meet the needs of its customers in terms of solar protection, privacy and mosquito protection.

AMS has earned a reputation for its technical expertise and problem-solving abilities among its global clientele with the help of dedicated and empowered sales staff, customer service and technical professionals who are all committed to customer satisfaction and excellence.

AMS is focused on Customer Satisfaction by offering Affordable Innovation and Choice.