RF Remote 1 & 6 Channel ("Elegance") Back


▪   Suitable for all types of 12V DC motorized AMS shades.
▪   Control of all your automated shades at your finger tips.
▪   Important! For safety reasons, remote controls are not recommended for windshield shades.


▪   RF remote transmitters for either 1 single shade (EL-204P-1) or up to 6 shades (EL-204P-6).
▪   6 Channel unit can also control several groups of more than 1 shade.
▪   LED light indicates transmittal of signal as well as which shade/group is being activated.
▪   Includes magnetic wall mount that can hold unit in place, turning it from handheld to wall switch.
▪   Battery compartment at the back of the unit allows easy access for change of batteries.


▪   White, glossy piano finish.
▪   Battery operated (uses 2x LIR 2032 or BR 2032).
▪   Dimension: 2" x 5" x 1/2".
▪   FCC approved.