16 Channel("Wizard") EL-213P
RF Remote 16 Channel (Wizard) Back


▪    Suitable for all types of 12V DC motorized AMS shades.
▪    Control of all your automated shades at your finger tips.
▪    Important! For safety reasons, remote controls are not recommended for windshield shades.


▪    Multi-channel RF remote transmitter.
▪    Can be used to control up to 16 shades individually or in several groups.
▪    Features a programmable LED display window for easy shade recognition.
▪    Ideal as wall-mounted control panel or as hand-held transmitter.
▪    Battery compartment at the back of the unit allows easy access for change of batteries.


▪    Black PVC enclosure with touch-control buttons.
▪    Battery operated (uses 4 x AAA batteries).
▪    Dimension: 4 1/4" x 6 1/4" x 1/2".
▪    FCC approved.