MotorizedSingle Windshield Shade Back


- Windshield shade for Class A Motorhomes.


- Single motorized day/night roller shade.


- Two 12V DC motors.
- Heavy duty, powdered coated black aluminum mounting rail.
- Available with external or fabric covered hem bar.
- Can be supplied with optional fabric skirt.

Special Features:

Adjustable mounting brackets:
Mounting brackets can be placed anywhere along the mounting rail, Which allows to position them where the ceiling best supports the shade.
Mounting Rail:
To prevent the shades from accidentally dropping out of misaligned shade brackets, they are being fitted onto a single, sturdy mounting rail, which guarantees perfect bracket alignment during installation.

Safety Clutch:
The safety clutch blocks the shade completely if the shade is not properly engaged in it's bracket.

Safety shut-off:
Motor automatically shuts off to prevent overheating if shade gets stuck for any reason.

AMS Safety-Retractor
Unique safety springs will not only prevent shades from unravelling in case of component or motor failure, but they will actively reverse shade movement and lift it out of drivers sight. This is an industry rst.
Ignition Lock / Safety Wiring:
Although dual front roller shades were originally not developed to also act as sun visors due to safety concerns, new safety techniques now enable the shades to perform this additional function as well. While the ignition is on, the shades will only be allowed to travel as much as needed to protect the driver from the sun and glare but not to inhibit his view of the reoad. Once the ignition is turned off, the shades will be able to travel all the way down to give full sun protection or privacy.