Motorized Roller with Fascia Back


Cockpit and living area motorized rolling shade with pre-assembled fascia and/or valance for Recreational Vehicles, Limo Conversions and Executive Vans.


Motorized Single Roller Shade inside a cassette with fascia valance.


▪  Shade is hidden inside a valance with universal ceiling or wall mounting brackets; valance fascia and side end covers are
   covered with the same fabric as used on roller shade to harmonize the interior design of the vehicle.

▪  Comfort and functionality driven by 12 V DC motors

▪  Hem bar end caps come with special (optional) magnets that allow the shade to firmly hold either against a wall or to the
    top of a sill, whatever the case may be.

▪  Bottom hem bar is available either fabric covered or colour matching powder coated

▪  Available with a wide range of fabrics, including natural fiber fabrics