Motorized shade with 2” wide headrail and 1” wide cellular (honeycomb) fabric. Powered by 12V DC tubular motor. Back


Privacy/night shade for passenger areas in Recreational Vehicles, Limo Conversions and Executive Vans. Excellent characteristics for heat reduction in summer and high insulation values in winter.


Electrically operated Cellular Shade with 1” (25 mm) wide cellular (honeycomb) fabric; large head rail with integrated tubular motor.


▪  Low Voltage Tubular Motor: 12VDC/0.9A (Alternatively 24 VDC/0.42A)

▪  Interference-free, mechanical stop positions.

▪  Optional RF remote control for individual and/or group control.

▪  Powder-coated aluminum head rail, 1 15/16” (49 mm) W x 1 15/16” (49 mm) H.

▪  Steel clip-in brackets for either ceiling or face mount installations.

▪  Woven 25 mm polyester fabric with privacy/room darkening features; FR FMVSS302.

▪  Stacking dimension in fully retracted state: 3 3/8” (85 mm) at 39” (991 mm) of height.

▪  Minimum width: 14” (356 mm).

▪  Maximum width: 96” (2440 mm).

▪  Maximum recommended shade surface: 40 ft2 (3.70 m2).