Small manual roll-type sun visor shade stabilized by cantilever arms for vertical or angled applications. Fitted to a compact aluminum mounting rail. Back


Driver’s front or side shade to be used to reduce heat and glare in lieu of traditional flip type visors. Especially useful when the shade can be recessed as it is simply mounted on a plate without a housing. Used predominantly on buses and coaches as well as agricultural and construction equipment cabs.


Being a roll-down visor, Flexi-Visor Shades allow precise settings at any height to protect the driver’s eyes no matter his/her eye level. Solid stabilizer cantilever arms or scissor arms (FLX-615, depending on window size - See Application Chart) keep the shade at any position, even at an angle. The shade is attached to a flat mounting rail for ease of installation.


▪  Powder-coated black aluminum mounting plate 55 mm wide.

▪  Black thermal painted metal cantilever (or scissor, FLX-615) arms.

▪  Shade material to be either woven polyester screen, solid vinyl or any combination of both.

▪  Fabric to be flame-retardant, meeting FR standards as set out in FMVSS302.

▪  Minimum and maximum sizes as per separate technical application chart.