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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! Here you’ll find information about aftermarket service for our shades and many other answers to questions you might have. Here are some sample questions and answers.

You can contact us by phone at 905-470-6198, by email at, or by using the “Contact Us” page on our website.
No, but you can contact us via our website at no cost.
We are a Canadian company located in Markham, Ontario (just outside Toronto).
▪  RVs: Dealers and owners can purchase replacement shades directly from their respective vehicle manufacturer; owners
   who plan to renovate and/or update some interior aspects of their RVs, including shades, may want to contact one of AMS’
   authorized service and renovation dealers, listed under “Where to Buy”.

▪  Coaches/Buses/Transit Vehicles: From one of AMS’ authorized OEM Service Centres, listed under “Where to Buy”.

▪  Con/Ag and Trucks: From any of your authorized Equipment Dealers.

All our products are sold only through Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as through authorized service dealers.
You will find them on our website under “Where To Buy”.
If your product is still under warranty, contact the service department of your vehicle’s manufacturer. If your product is no longer under warranty, contact your nearest authorized AMS renovation dealer, whom you find on our website under “Where to buy” and look up under your industry section.
The cost of returning shades for repair where there is labour and parts involved would often be more expensive than ordering a new shade, which will be covered under a new warranty.
The part number is indicated on a label on top of the shade enclosure. Part numbers are not shown on shades without enclosures.
One year from the date of purchase (in-service date).
Trying to change shades yourself is not recommended and should be done by an authorized service dealer as you may otherwise forfeit the warranty on the product. However, after the warranty has expired and you feel expert enough in this field, then you could contact AMS through our website and request an installation manual as well as a motor user guide, if applicable, on how to set limit stops. Important: windshield shades should always be installed by a trained technician to avoid any safety issues.
You may request technical manuals through AMS – please see under “Can I replace my own shade?”
Go to AMS website under “Contact Us” and request a motor user guide showing how to set limits.
Fabric samples can be obtained from your local dealer or directly from the AMS customer service department either by phone or by email via our website.
The best way to ensure you’ll be happy with your color is to request a sample before placing your order – it’s free! Once you receive your sample, keep in mind that all samples may still have minimal color variations as stated by the manufacturers. We’d also like to suggest that you order all of your blinds of a given color at one time, since there can be slight variations between dye lots.
The closer the weave (expressed in openness) the better the solar protection. A 5% open screen gives a better protection against solar and UV rays than e.g. a 30% open screen. At the same time the visibility gets more limited the denser a fabric is. However, colour plays an equally important role in protecting you from the sun! A darker screen allows a better view during daytime and is also better against glare; dark colours will, however absorb more heat than lighter colours. AMS will be happy to help you, either directly or through its dealers, to make the proper screen selection as so many aspects need to be considered.
Yes. You may contact the AMS customer service department either by phone or by email via our website.
No; this should be left to AMS factory staff or to AMS authorized service dealers.
No. Motors can fail from time to time but we pride ourselves on producing a high quality product backed up by a second-to-none service if ever one of our motors does indeed stops performing. We have also come across owners who bought so called “AMS replacement motors” marketed through the internet; these are usually cheap motor copies not suitable for AMS shades.
No. None of our shades or motors has ever been recalled during the last few years.